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Mission Impossible 3

Throughout the game's ten levels, you'll relive the greatest moments from Mission: Impossibleâ„¢ 3, complete with a storyline and surroundings that are inspired by the film. You'll revisit the scenery

You get to play the ultimate space cadet himself in this excellent gameloft action game. Some tricky puzzles, makes good use of the pull-off-your-face-and-you-are-someone-else trick. Don't try it at home please. ;-) this is a fun game even if you have to pretend you are tom cruise for parts of it. Mission difficult, no, mission impossible!


* Mobile phone official match Paramount Pictures' film Mission: Impossible III.
* The history and settings inspired the film.
* Featured graphics: Animation with incredible never seen combat movements, beautiful landscapes and characters with extremely detailed graphics.
* Innovative game: action, reflection, and arcade platforms, and a bag of mini-games.

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