Prince Of Persia

You will become the Prince, who has matured since his last adventures. He is prepared to face his destiny alone, and ready to fight all the creatures who only want him to perish. You will be immersed in 10 original levels of pirate ships and ancient palaces swarming with evil forces. You will be confronted by merciless enemies who all have different combat skills (life points, parade, aggressiveness). Crows will swoop down to harm you and axe throwers and temptresses of time will set traps trying to prevent you from completing your quest. Since your last adventure, The Sands of Time, you have become stronger, and your new moves help you to develop your own fighting style.
Learn to use your powers to travel through time and avoid all the traps that are set to get you. You will also discover the new Arena mode. In this mode, you have to eliminate as many enemies as you possibly can. The high quality graphics in Prince of Persia: Warrior Within™ plunge you into a world of action and realistic combat with a captivating storyline and amazing environments.
The Prince embarks on a pirate ship for a mysterious and perilous voyage to defy his fate, going to the place where the Sands of Time were born and finding a way to travel through time and prevent them from being created. His quest leads him into ancient, accursed palaces that conceal the ancestral fears of the human race.

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