Screenshot of Hellboy mobile gameDemonic comic book hero Hellboy lands on mobile in an all new epic adventure to save the world from Hermann Von Klempt's insane plot. When things go bump in the night, the Bureau for Paranor m al Research and Defense (B.P.R.D) calls on Hellboy, the world's foremost paranormal investigator to investigate mysterious activity in New York City. Hellboy Mobile leads Hellboy straight into the heart of a mythological underworld where he must do battle with ancient Indian spirits, shamans and menacing Mystics to save the world and secure the very future of mankind itself.

The game will see you playing Hellboy as he investigates mysterious activity in New York City, which - and we sense we're not really giving anything away here - ends up in a quest to save the world from the nefarious Hermann Von Klempt.

It's an action game, where you'll be doing battle with Indian spirits, shamans and mystics as you progress through the various levels.

The screenshots certainly look colourful, and Hands-On learned a thing or two about this kind of game from its various titles based on Marvel movies, so hopefully it'll be good.

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